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TikTok content is more and more interesting and informative which makes users want to download it. Therefore, “TikTok to MP4” keyword became one of the most searched topics on Google.

One way that can be done is to take advantage of the Save Video function within the app. However, the video saved will include its watermark, which sometimes is quite annoying. The other way to download them without watermark is by using the third-party platform, which provides an easy access to the TikTok download service (i.e. SnapTikVideo).

SnapTikVideo provides a service that supports storing TikTok audio and video content, thus. whatever type of content you want can be saved directly to your device.

Key features of SnapTikVideo: MP4 TikTok Converter

In order to maximize your experience of downloading services, you certainly need to understand what features are available within the platform.

SnapTikVideo is a tool equipped with various outstanding features that can be used to download videos from TikTok without a watermark. It also has the function to download TikTok MP4 or MP3, this function is what we usually called as converting TikTok video to MP3. Other than that, here are a few of the key features:

tiktok to mp4 converter

Free and unlimited without restriction

You can access all the services without paying a cent or being restricted with conditions. This allows you to save as many TikTok videos as you need.
tiktok mp4 converter

Safe and secured

No personal information is requested upon using the platform. You don’t need to log in to enjoy the service. Also, all your downloaded data is not stored on the site, thus, it is 100% anonymous.
download video tiktok mp4

Facilitate with high downloading speed

The server presented in SnapTikVideo is very superior that it is able to provide a fast response, which allows the download process to be done instantly and quickly. You won’t have to wait long to save the interesting TikTok content!

How to Use TikTok MP4 Converter on Mobile and Computers

The downloading TikTok process can be done easily and quickly. Simply pay attention to the following steps to download video TikTok MP4.

Step 1: Access to the TikTok app (if you’re using a mobile) or TikTok website (if you’re using a computer).

Step 2: Find the video you needed. Copy the video link by tapping on the arrow icon located on the side of the video.

tiktok to mp4

Step3: Open your device’s browser and type in snaptikvideo.com. Paste the link in the column provided on the site page, click the “Download” box.

tiktok download mp4

Step 4: There is a choice of file formats to choose from. Select either MP4 (to download them with watermark) or MP4 without watermark, tap on the download box again.

tiktok mp4 without watermark

Finally, the saving process will run automatically, the results can be directly checked on the device.

With SnapTikVideo, you won’t encounter this kind of problem, thus, what are you waiting for? Use this free and unlimited download mp4 TikTok downloader now!

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