Tiktok Video Downloader: Fast, Free and Easy

Download unlimited videos from TikTok for free

How to use Tiktok video downloader to save Tiktok videos?

This Tiktok video downloader online is a number one choice for users to download the best-quality Tiktok videos. The process to install the application is very simple and requires no extension or complicated procedures. Just follow the easy and stepwise guide below to install the video downloader for Tiktok and watch your favorite videos at your own convenience.

Step 1: Find the videos

Open an internet browser on your phone, visit Snaptikvideo’s official page, and install the APK link. Using the APK link, install the application on your device and launch it.
video tiktok downloader

Step 2: Find the video to download and get the URL

To get the video URL. Open Tiktok. Tap the ‘share’ button. Select ‘Copy Link’
tiktok video downloader online

Step 3: Paste the URL in the search bar and convert

Paste the URL of the Tiktok video you want to download in the search bar of the Tiktok video downloader and tap ‘download.’ When you click the download button, the video will be saved on the online Tiktok video downloader. To save the video on your device, tap on the video and save it on your phone.
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Why Choose This Tiktok Video Downloader to Save Tiktok Videos on Your Phone?

Video downloader Tiktok is a safe, unlimited, and online application helping users download their favorite video content in different resolutions and formats. The app has very understandable and easy-to-use features. There is no other video Tiktok downloader that could match the seamless experience that this online Tiktok video downloader provides.


Download unlimited Tiktok video downloader app using your browser only.

Easy to use

High-definition video downloads without using heavy software.

Different formats

Download possible in different file formats.

Snaptikvideo tools

Just install the Snaptikvideo app and download HD-quality videos in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need extensions to download videos with Snaptikvideo?

No, there is absolutely no need for users to install extensions. Just install the Tiktok video downloader app, paste the link in the input file, and download the Tiktok video.

Do I need to pay for downloading files?

Our online Tiktok video downloader is 100% free. You don’t have to pay for any of our services.

How many videos I can download using the Snaptikvideo app?

There are no restrictions from Snaptikvideo when it comes to the number of videos you can download. This video downloader TikTok is unlimited. So, download as many videos as you like using the Snaptikvideo application.

Where are my files saved after being downloaded?

Generally, the downloaded TikTok videos are saved within your phone’s gallery or whatever folder you have set as default.