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Have you ever heard about the methods to do TikTok video download link without watermark? TikTok is one of the most popular and most fun social media platforms to use today. It serves the users with lots of content that covers a wide variety of topics.

Here you may find videos about animals, hobbies, and other random things that might entertain you. There’s nothing difficult about TikTok link video download. You can always get your favorite videos from TikTok in the simplest way.

tiktok video download link

Although the platform itself offers a way to download certain videos, many people are still looking for a newer, much better approach. Here’s how to do TikTok video download link with SnapTikVideo:

How to Download TikTok Videos by Pasting Link on Mobile Devices

So, how to do TikTok video download by link? Is it actually hard?

Not at all! The answer is, in fact, so easy that even beginners won’t have trouble downloading TikTok videos for the first time. All is here and ready to use. What you need to do is just to access the SnapTikVideo website, paste the video link, and the video is yours! Remember, you can use this method for both Android and iOS systems.

Step 1. Access TikTok App

What you need to do first is to open the TikTok app installed on your phone. To download TikTok video with link, find the TikTok video you want to download, and select share.

Step 2. Copy The Video Link

Then, copy the link of that video and paste it into the SnapTikVideo website.

tiktok link video download

Step 3. Select The Download Button

After that, click the Download button located just beside the box.

tiktok video link download

Step 4. Start Video Downloading Process

Now, select the download button again to finish the process.

tiktok video download by link

How to Download TikTok Videos with Link on Desktop

You can also download TikTok video via link on the desktop by using SnapTikVideo. The steps are generally the same, although you need to access the web version of TikTok this time. So, to download TikTok videos on Mac or Windows here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Open TikTok Web

So, to download TikTok video from link, you need to first open the website version of TikTok. Then, find the video you want to download.

Step 2. Copy The Video’s Link

After that, click share and directly copy the link to the video.

tik tok video download copy link

Step 3. Visit SnapTikVideo Website

Now it’s time to open the platform, so make sure you input the correct address. And then, paste the link on the given box and select the blue download button.

tiktok video download with link

Step 4. Start Downloading

After a while, a new page will open that tells you about the video you want to download. So, proceed by clicking the red download button to get the video.

Top Features of SnapTikVideo

SnapTikVideo is so loved by the fans due to its features. Aside from the main function of downloading videos directly from TikTok, users can also gain some other notable benefits. To begin with, the video will always be watermark-free no matter what happens. That way, it’ll become easier to share your own content on other social media platforms.

Here are the other features you should know:

download tiktok video with link


You can always use SnapTikVideo without worrying about getting charged for something.
link video download tik tok

High-Quality Downloads

All the videos will be delivered in high quality and clean without the existence of watermarks.
download tiktok video from link

No Troubling Ads

The platform itself is ads-free, so there wouldn’t be something that might ruin the overall user experience.
copy link tiktok video download

Easy Process

The download process has been made with the focus on making everything easier. And they did a great job on that.
tiktok download video link

Safe Download Connection

SnapTikVideo always ensures the user can always download TikTok videos in a much safer connection.
download tiktok video by link

Wide Device Compatibility

Since SnapTikVideo is a website, it supports all kinds of devices. You can use mobile devices or even desktop systems to easily download videos from TikTok.

So, what are you waiting for! Download TikTok video with link is not as complicated as you think it is. Only with SnapTikVideo, no matter what video it is, you’ll be able to have it.

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