Tiktok Converter: Convert Videos for Tiktok

Does it seem hard to convert videos for Tiktok? This free, easy-to-use, and fast Tiktok convertor is here to provide you unlimited Tiktok fun!

How To Convert Videos for Tiktok?

If you want to upload some of your cool videos on Tiktok to attract more viewers, you need to know that Tiktok supports only videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio. What if your video is not perfectly sized? You would need a Tiktok video convertor to make your videos suitable for uploading on Tiktok. Here’s how you can do it for free using the Snaptikvideo Tiktok convertor.

Step 1: Select the video you want to upload

Upload the video you want to convert on the app. You can select a video up to 1 hour long.
tiktok video converter

Step 2: Resize and Convert

Open the drop-down menu and select Tiktok. You can also select the file format. Scale or crop the video to keep your subject in the frame.
converter video tiktok

Step 3: Download

Wait for your video to convert and click ‘Download’ to instantly download your converted clip.
converter video tiktok

Why Our Tiktok Converter Is a Perfect Choice for You?

There are so many Tiktok video converters out there, but many lack the necessary features and compatibility. The best Tiktok converter should provide users with unlimited access, power features, and fast downloads. With our Tiktok converter app, you get non-stop fun and the following features:


Unlimited free access without any need to buy expensive subscriptions. All power features are available on our app.

Easy to use

Easy conversion from any format

different formats

Download Tiktok video

Frequently Asked Questions About Tiktok Convertor

How many videos can I convert using this app?

There is absolutely no restriction from the app on the number of Tiktok videos you can convert. You can convert and download as many videos as you like using Snaptikvideo’s Tiktok converter tool.

What formats are supported by the Tiktok video convertor?

Snaptikvideo supports 2 main formats. You can select your desired format when you are downloading the video. You can also change the video format using Snaptikvideo before uploading the video on Tiktok.

Where my Tiktok videos are saved after I convert them?

If you are using your PC to convert videos, they are usually saved in your ‘downloads’ folder. Whereas, on android and iOS smartphones, you can save the converted videos in your photo gallery or ‘downloads’ app.

Does Snaptikvideo store convert Tiktok videos?

No, the Tiktok converter tool just provides conversion services. Snaptikvideo does not store or save any Tiktok video.